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Cinzano Rosso - Vermouth Rating:3

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Imagen Cinzano Rosso - Vermouth

Family:Vermouth Pink


The history of Cinzano began in 1757. Since the late nineteenth century it began to be commercialized worldwide. Since 1999 is part of Gruppo Campari.


Classic Vermouth Rosso worldwide well known. Its production combine wine, herbs, spices and other natural ingredients specially selected worldwide. It has 15% of alcohol content and is sold in 950 ml and 450 ml presentations.

Tasting notes
  • Nose: intense and attractive aroma, with notes of herbs, flowers and spices that are part of its secret formula.
  • The palate is soft and sweet, with a slightly bitter end.
  • The end is short but leaves a cooling sensation in the mouth.


It is the most consumed vermouth in Argentina, the world's largest market for the brand. Traditionally drunk with soda, is a great drink with grapefruit soda. It is also part of the classic cocktails like the American, the Negroni and the Manhattan. In Argentina is also available in the varieties of Bianco and Extra Dry.

Source: Campari Argentina
Product Website: Facebook Cinzano Argentina

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